Hydraulic Actuator Assembly & Testing

Main Specification of Test Rig


  • Max 870 bar (12618 psi)
  • Min 0.3 bar (4.35psi)

Size Of Actuator

  • Max OD 230mm, Max length (pin to pin) = 2700mm
  • Min OD 50mm, Min stroke = 70mm

Flow Rate

  • 60 Ipm (15.85 gpm) @ 250 bar (3626psi)
  • Min 3 Ipm (0.26 gpm)


  • Lab view 2015 of NI interfacing with NIcRIO 9038
  • Min OD 50mm, Min stroke = 70mm

Hydraulic Oil

  • Main: Hyjeit V (Aerospace Phosphate ester Hydraulic oil)
  • Sub: MIL-PRF-83282

External Force

  • 14500 kgf (31967 pounds) from master cylinder, Station 1
  • 2300 kgf (5070 pounds) from master cylinder, Station 2

Test Performed on the Test Rig

Proof Pressure Test

Speed Measurement


Running & Dynamic

Leakage Test

Antagonistic Test

Friction Pressure

Management Test

External Leakage

Test (Low Pressure)

Static Force Test


Measurement Test

In addition, Tarang, our test lab provides clients with a 24X7 independent Product Qualification and Compliance facility. Wipro is one of the first few to set up this world-class test facility with a highly professional & skilled team offering consultancy, pre-compliance testing & product certification enabling services across geographies. This NABL (ISO/IEC 17025) accredited facility is a one-stop shop for EMI/EMC, thermal, acoustic, shock & vibration, reliability and safety testing allowing the customer to reap the benefits of enhanced quality, reduced time to market cycles and thus creating a cost arbitrage.


Some of the hydraulic cylinder testings undertaken include

  • Vibration Testing
  • LDS Vibration Shaker
  • HALT/HASS Chamber
  • 888CFT Walk in Chamber