Stringent quality control and management are integral to the success of the aerospace industry. Accountability, traceability, documentation, and quality of parts are of paramount importance. Our clients expect sophisticated testing and validation. Our quality assurance practice is designed to deal with this need. What our customers get from us is consistent quality and reliability.

Our facilities are AS9100 Rev-D certified. We use Kaizen and other tools for continuous improvement, defect reduction, inventory reduction, and operational excellence. Our focus on execution excellence involves stringent project management, proactive risk identification and mitigation and daily management on the principles of Lean.


Aerospace Certifications received for our facility:

  • AS9100 Rev. D.
  • NADCAP certificate for Special Processes

Inspection Equipment,

Special Process

CMM – Multiple makes & range

  • Heat Treatment, Chromium plating , Cadmium plating , shot peening.
  • FPI & MPI inspection (NDT–NADCAP).
  • NADCAP approved in-house Nital etching facility up to length of 1.5 mtrs.
  • HVOF supplier coating for shaft to maintain 0.1mm thickness & achieve Ra =0.1, Rp=0.2, Rmr=70-95% without any bad marks.
  • Super finishing with a special attachment on OD to maintain surface finish less than 0.1 Ra with cross hatch pattern.
  • NADCAP approved painting facilities with primer coat, top coat & painting.
  • Stress relieving furnace facility up to 1.8mtrs
  • Thread rolling up to maximum of MJ75X3 pitch.
  • Boric-Sulfuric Acid Anodize
  • Cleaning – Descaling of Titanium
  • Penetrant inspection
  • Sol-Gel Conversion Coating

Video Measurement
Upto 150mm.
80X Magnification