Four decades in Aerospace
Four decades in Aerospace

Each of our manufacturing facility specializes in few product lines and technologies. This ensures quality control and management, people skills and training at each facility are specific to that product line and technology.
Our approach combines:



Each of our facility is a one-stop-shop for actuators and aerostructures.



We are certified by various global players such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Messier Bugatti Dowty, UTAS, Liebherr* and CESA. We have entered into a transfer of technology agreement with CESA-Spain (a subsidiary of Airbus group).



Our strength also lies in our multi geographical manufacturing presence comprising India, Israel, and USA.


  • Complex precision machining of hard metals

  • Sheet metal fabrication including hot forming of titanium

  • In-house finishing process for various alloys

  • Mechanical assembly of aerostructures

  • Highly qualified, skilled workforce functions at every touch point

  • In-house engineering team caters to modeling, tooling, fixtures, and CAM generated CNC programs

  • Manufacture, assembly and testing of hydraulic actuators and related parts of diameters up to 250 mm and lengths up to 1,500 mm – our agile facility can meet future requirements in actuators assembly and testingTesting up to 850 bar with assembly test rigs suitable for civil aircraft; Oil used – Hyjet-V and Mil-PREF-83282
  • Robust supply chain partners for raw materials, machining, heat treatment, and surface treatment

Value proposition

Precision Manufacturing


  • Dia <=250mm , L<=1500 mm.
  • 5 Axis Mill Turn Centers , DHD, Honing & Grinding , NDT.

Special Process

  • HVOF Coating – Maintaining Ra, Rp & RMR.
  • Thread Rolling, Heat Treatment.

Achieving Hydraulic

Critical Characteristics

  • Flow Path with less pressure drop.
  • Deburring at intersections.
  • Seal life criticality.

Assembly & Testing

  • Acceptance Test Procedure.